Guth on Educational Choice

The debate continues to unfold on the idea of school choice. Educators in the area do not like the idea because it does reduce the number of students and subsequently funding going into a school district. Parents and students are content because it gives the student choices on where they attend school.

In some cases, students feel out of place in the public system despite the best efforts of teachers and staff at the school. This results in lower scores and self-esteem.

Iowa Senator Dennis Guth has been hearing from his constituents on a new measure that provides money for those who want to attend a private school or school of their choice.

The public education sector wants public dollars to stay with funding local schools.

Guth defends the idea by saying that the money is still being used for education, just at a different school. This provokes another argument posed to Guth which has to do with accountability. Opponents say that private institutions may not have the same accountability as public schools.

According to Guth, there are income requirements that must be met in order to qualify for the program.

Iowa is joining several states with a school voucher system. Studies have provided mixed results for those in a voucher system in academic performance as well as future success in college degree completion.





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