The EPA will not make a major change to federal rules for where most ethanol is to be blended into gasoline. The oil industry had been pushing the Trump Administration to lift the “obligation” that refineries blend ethanol into gasoline. The responsibility would then shift to fuel distributors. Under current rules, U.S. refineries must blend a portion […]
Thanksgiving weekend is easily one of the busiest periods of the year on Iowa roads. Patrick Hoye chief of the Governor’s Traffic Safety Bureau, says the congestion increases the risk for crashes. “Because it’s an extended holiday, that heavy traffic is over several days and higher traffic counts often equates to more crashes,” Hoye says. […]
Thousands of Iowans will be cooking their very first Thanksgiving turkeys tomorrow, and for those newbies, certain rules need to be followed when handling the big bird. While the Butterball Hotline offers some important cooking tips, so does the Iowa Statewide Poison Control Center. Registered nurse and poison center educator Joan McVoy says it’s vital […]
Students in the Des Moines school district could be starting their school day at a different time next year. The Des Moines School Board has been discussing new start times for more than a year and on Tuesday board members decided to give Superintendent Tom Ahart the responsibility of setting the school day schedule. Ahart […]
Iowa’s largest manufacturing employer is reporting a successful year. For the quarter ending October 29th, the Moline, Illinois-based Deere & Company posted earnings of more than $510 million or $1.57 per share. That compares with $285 million or 90 cents per share a year ago. Deere’s net income of more than $2 billion for the […]