Saturday, November 10th, Boman Fine Arts Center in Forest City. We will roll for $40,000. Register to be one of the rollers at our sponsors! MBT Bank, Paddler’s Tap, Forest City Family Dentistry, Bill’s Family Foods, American Family Insurance, and TSB Bank in Forest City. McCloskey Appliance, Bill’s Family Foods, and American Family Insurance in Garner, the Gun Bank in Thompson, and McCloskey Appliance in Mason City. If you don’t qualify, no problem! Come to the party, and we’ll take last chance qualifiers that night! KIOW is 40, come celebrate with us!

  • MBT Bank in Forest City
  • Paddler’s Tap in FC
  • Forest City Family Dentistry
  • TSB Bank in FC
  • McCloskey Appliance in Garner and Mason City
  • Bill’s Family Foods FC and Garner
  • American Family Insurance FC and Garner
  • Gun Bank in Thompson