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A federal judge ordered the White House last week to reinstate Acosta's hard pass
Victims of California's worst wildfire asking why state's largest utility didn't shut off power in high-risk areas
After a devastating ALS diagnosis, former NFL player Tim Green cries "tears of joy" and calls himself "fortunate," echoing Lou Gehrig's farewell speech
The former Syracuse standout and Atlanta Falcon never shied away from acknowledging the dangers of football. Now, 22 years after "60 Minutes" first met him, Green is suffering from a fatal ailment he may have seen coming
Naloxone can save the life of someone experiencing an opioid overdose, but is it accessible? The price for an injector of the drug has skyrocketed
With over 115 Americans dying a day in the opioid epidemic, naloxone has become a necessity for first responders, doctors and everyday people
See big moments from the CMA Awards show
Country's biggest stars gathered on the red carpet at the CMA Awards
Mass starvation is no longer the crisis it once was in North Korea​, but the impact of famine lingers
It's no accident that many Koreans living in Japan feel a deep connection to Kim Jong Un's regime
North Korea earns much-needed currency and burnishes its image abroad with a surprising endeavor: art sales
Dozens have died and thousands of homes destroyed as flames burn through communities in Butte, Ventura and Los Angeles Counties
A look back at the esteemed personalities who've left us this year, who touched us with their innovation, creativity and humanity
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