Hometown Tours

Week 1 – Buffalo Center/Thompson

Day 1 – How it all started


Day 2 – Churches and Schools

Day 3 – Thompson, Iowa 

Day 4 – Businesses 

Day – 5 Buffalo Days, Swimming Pool, Hospital 

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Week 2 – Garner, Iowa and Garner-Hayfield-Ventura School District

Day 1 – Clinic in Garner brought to you by Hancock County Health System

Day 2 – Garner Chamber of Commerce  brought to you by McCloskey Appliance 

Day 3 – City of Garner    brought to you by Reliance State Bank & Hy-Vee 

Day 4 – Notable People (Billy Sunday, Duesenberg Brothers) brought to you by Stellar Industries

Day 5 – Duesey Days / Downtown Garner  brought to you by Sonny’s Precision Collision in Garner


Week 3 – Lake Mills

Day 1 – Mills Theatre brought to you by MBT Bank


Day 2 – Industries brought to you by Lake Mills Chamber Development Corporation

Day 3 – Norwegian Monument brought to you by Larson Manufacturing


Day 4 – History/July Jubilee brought to you by Schott Funeral Homes-Mittelstadt Chappel


Day 5 – Education Brought to you by Groe Electric



Week 4 – Belmond and Belmond-Klemme School District

Day 1 – History of the Community Bank in Belmond “First State Bank of Belmond” and the Luick Foundation                             brought to you by Iowa Specialty Hospitals & Clinics in Belmond & Clarion, Specializing in You.


Day 2 – History of the City of Belmond & how it came to be – brought to you by the First State Bank of Belmond

Day 3 – History of the unique agricultural businesses in Belmond – brought to you by Ewing Funeral Home & Monument Co in Britt, Kanawha, Clarion, Belmond & Dows

Day 4 – How the Spirit Lake Massacre came to involve Belmond – brought to you by Hancock County Health System in Britt, Garner, Kanawha and Wesley and by Harlan and Holden Tulp at H&K Plumbing and Heating in Belmond

Day 5 – The future of a connector trail from Belmond to Mason City – brought to you by Andrews Funeral Home & Floral in Belmond and Klemme


Week 5 – Forest City 

Day 1 – History of Waldorf University – brought to you by Holland Tire & Service

Day 2 – History of Forest City Schools – brought to you by Schott Funeral Homes & Groe Electric


Day 3 – History of Winnebago Industries – brought to you by HyVee


Day 4 – History of Forest City – brought to you by the Forest City Chamber of Commerce and the Winnebago Historical Society and Heritage Park


Day 5 – History of the Hanson Foundation – brought to you by MBT Bank



Week 6 – Britt & West Hancock

Day 1 – History of the Britt Draft Horse Show/Hancock County District Fair –                                                                                                   brought to you by Hancock County Health System, Mary Jo’s Hobo House, and The Cobbler Shoppe


Day 2 – How Hobo Days got it start in Britt and has continued for the past 120 years –                                                                              brought to you by McNeese Tire & Automotive, Central Financial Group and the Britt Food Center



Day 3 – What its like to live in Eagle Nation (Britt & Kanawha’s West Hancock School District) –                                                            brought to you by Boekelman Grain Equipment, Gifts Sew Sweet Print Shop, and First State Bank



Day 4 – Historic MainStreet Businesses in Britt –                                                                                                                                                              brought to you by Britt Bar & Grill, Mojo Productions, and Pritchard Auto Company



Day 5 – City of Britt – It’s Future and What Makes it Continue to Grow & Prosper –                                                                                         brought to you by Kelly Real Estate, Jay Hiscocks State Farm, and Ewing Funeral Home & Monument Company







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