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COVID Numbers Announced Locally

The area is dealing with cases of COVID-19. According to Julie Sorenson, Director of the Winnebago County Public Health Department, there are a few hospitalizations involved.

The region is a large area as Sorenson explains.

Taking these numbers into account, the 10 county region has a total population of 149,311 of which 23 have been hospitalized with COVID-19. In short, approximately .00015% of the population in these ten counties are currently hospitalized with COVID-19.

Between August 10th and the 23rd, there have been 37 new cases in Winnebago County,  27 cases in Hancock County, 24 cases in Worth County, 61 cases in Kossuth County, and Cerro Gordo County has seen 136. In the other counties, Wright has seen 57 new cases, Franklin has 44, Floyd has 39, Chickasaw has 34, Howard has 15, and Mitchell has had 21 new cases. In short, 495 cases in this region in which 23 have required hospitalization or 4% of those who have become ill.

If you take the population of the region against the number of currently ill, you find that .0033% have a confirmed form of COVID-19.

There was no information available regarding those who have been vaccinated versus those who have not.

Those who are interested in seeing what the case load vs. the population in their county is, can see below the number of cases in parenthesis, the population, and then the percentage of people afflicted with COVID-19 in their county.

Cerro Gordo (136) 42,450 = .0032%

Chickasaw (34) 12,026 = .0028%

Floyd (39) 15,786 = .0024%

Franklin (44) 10,162 = .0043%

Hancock (24) 10,802 = .0022%

Howard (15) 9,226 = .0016%

Kossuth (61) 14,978 = .004%

Mitchell (21) 10,608 = .00197%

Wright (57) 12,739 =.00447%

Winnebago (37) 10,534 = .0035%


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