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Sunday Talk: Ernst on the Issues of the Day

Prices for goods and services are going up. Iowa just cracked the $3 a gallon average threshold for gas. Now we are seeing other prices beginning to balloon again. The federal courts have struck down the E15 rule for ethanol production This has sent Iowa Senators and Representatives scrambling to write and pass new legislation that mirrors the rule that was struck down. Meanwhile Iowa corn farmers grow concerned about the planted corn for ethanol production.

In Afghanistan, residents are urgently trying to leave their homes as the Taliban closes in. U. S. troops who were stationed there are being called home expeditiously.

Texans are debating voting identification rules when it comes to voting which would confirm the identity of the voter casting a ballot. A group of legislators left the state to lobby the federal government to take over voting regulations in all fifty states taking away all local control.

Now members of the House and the Senate want to spend trillions of taxpayer dollars on programs that have no direct bearing on the majority of taxpayers, but focus on programs that they believe will stimulate the economy. All the while, there are more than enough jobs available that would stimulate the economy and get it back to pre-pandemic levels.

Senator Joni Ernst has been working on each of these issues from her 99 county tour and from her Washington office. She took a moment to sit down with KIOW / KHAM News Director A. J. Taylor to discuss these and other important topics in our Sunday Talk.


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