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Ernst: Taxpayers Should Never Subsidize Anarchy

by Senator Joni Ernst

Over the past year, anarchy and lawlessness have ensued all too often across America – and tragically, it’s led to death and destruction – from the streets of Seattle and Portland to our nation’s capital.

Anarchy cannot be tolerated in this country. What’s equally unacceptable is that the federal government is doling out your hard-earned dollars to fund these anarchist jurisdictions.

 Get this: a nonpartisan watchdog organization recently discovered that the federal government has spent more than $14 billion of taxpayer money on federal contracts and grants in five major cities where anarchy goes unchecked and police are unable to do their job.

 Iowa taxpayers should absolutely not foot the bill of anarchy and lawlessness. That’s why I pushed for a review of any federal funding that was going to the cities and states that were allowing anarchy to run rampant. After my urging, the federal government began to do just that.

In one fell swoop last week, President Biden unilaterally cancelled this review of federal funding to anarchist jurisdictions.

It’s simple: if local leaders fail to protect their people from anarchy, Iowa taxpayers aren’t going to pay for it. As a strong and unwavering voice for the hardworking taxpayers of this country, I will keep fighting to ensure their hard-earned dollars are not used to subsidize anarchy.


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