North Iowa Outdoors: Your Passport to Adventure in Iowa State Parks

The Iowa State Park Passport is back in 2024 and better than ever. With more than 60 state parks and forests featured on the Passport, visitors will love discovering hidden gems in the state park system.

Park visitors can sign up and download the State Park Passport onto a mobile device to earn points toward prizes and giveaway opportunities. In its fifth year through partnership with Travel Iowa, the Passport has been a popular way for families to explore new parks and track their outdoor adventures.

Through October 31, Passport holders can earn points by checking into dozens of state parks and forests using the online app. Each park has a different point value (either 100, 200 or 300 points), with remote or “hidden gem parks” earning higher points. Redeem points for various prizes.

Hidden Gems within Each Park

Also discover staff-selected “Hidden Gem” features within each park on the Passport, such as historical markers, scenic overlooks and more!

 Prizes for the 2024 State Park Passport include:

  • 500 points – any passholder redeeming at this level gets $5 off an overnight camping stay
  • 1,000 points – first 500 passholders to redeem at this level get a beautiful and unique sticker. Created by Iowa artist Naomi Friend, choose from 20 different state park designs.
  • 2,500 points – first 300 passholders to redeem at this level get a free Iowa state park t-shirt
  • Additionally, each check-in counts as an automatic entry into a sweepstakes drawing for a three-night stay at a cabin at Backbone State Park.

Once points are redeemed, the passholder resets to zero points and starts earning again to get any additional points, so cash-in early, or bank for higher level prizes.

The Passport, sticker and t-shirt prizes are sponsored by Travel Iowa.

Get ready for adventure this summer with the State Park Passport! To learn more and to sign up, go to or the Passport web page. Previous passholders will need to re-subscribe to take part in the 2024 Passport program.


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