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Worth County Working with Forest City EMS

The Emergency Medical Services in Forest City has seen additional funding since the residents passed a levy and 1% income tax resolution put forward by Winnebago County. According to Forest City Councilwoman At Large 3 Marcia Tweeten who also sits on the Emergency Medical Services Committee, surrounding counties are now asking for assistance and contributing to the cause.

The $40,000 comes from the American Rescue Plan or ARPA funding which worth County was able to set aside and use to make sure the western side or Worth County had ambulatory service for the next two years.

Tweeten also explained that there was another benefit to the ambulance service in its coverage of the western portion of Worth County, northern Hancock County, and Winnebago County as a whole.

The Worth County Board of Supervisors continue to try and put together a resolution to levy taxes to pay for ambulatory services for the entire county as a whole potentially modeling the ambulatory services program in Winnebago County.




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