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Forest City and Winnebago County Join Watershed Coalition

A group of cities and counties are forming the Winnebago River Watershed Management Coalition. The group is a part of a sharing agreement between cities and counties otherwise known as a 28E Agreement whose purpose is to have a voice on projects, improvements, and general work on the Winnebago River according to Forest City Administrator Daisy Huffman.

Winnebago County Board of Supervisors Chairman Terry Durby laid out what the group is attempting to improve by banding together representatives from cities, counties, and conservation departments.

The Winnebago River is not a county or city-controlled waterway. Even the county conservation departments cannot make improvements, clean out or dredge the river. That responsibility falls on the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers according local officials. The Corps can give permission for work to be done on or near the river.

Federal funding may soon be made available to make improvements and the group would be able to use the monies in the form of grants and donations on the removal of the dam in Pammel Park in Forest City among other projects. Winnebago County Conservation Department Director Robert Schwartz said that it would benefit the county.

The prevailing thought among local officials is that it allows city and county officials a stronger voice at the table when projects are proposed.



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