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Britt Eyes Possible Six-Plex Condo in Rezoning Vote

The Britt City Council has been undergoing readings of a resolution designed to rezone a single family dwelling site into a multifamily zoned property. Recently, the new city council was asked to undertake the final reading of the resolution. Concerned residents voiced their opinion and questioned the action or rezoning it.

A developer called Crown Point Development Company has expressed interest in building a six-plex condo style development on the property. According to members of the council, a development agreement has already been approved to do so. This was prior to a rezoning vote being taken by the council. City Clerk Elizabeth Ibarra was asked if this were the right steps to be taken. She said the process was right.

Britt Councilwoman Ashley Weiss

Concerns for the need for housing in Britt are before the council and Mayor Jim Nelson. He explained that people are leaving Britt for developments in Garner and other nearby cities where there is affordable housing.

Councilwoman Ashley Weiss voiced her approval of the resolution.

The council was informed that new water hook-ups, sewer lines, and sewer drainage would have to be installed at the site. Other potential lot sites had a sewer lift station installed at a cost of $500,000. When the council was asked what the cost would be to install the water and sewer line hook-ups along with drainage systems, Ibarra replied.

Questions were raised about how a six plex condo style housing could be placed on a lot and a half of property. The development was also thought to include garages and driveways. The scope of the project could be reduced to a five plex to try and fit the property being rezoned according to city officials.

The council voted 3-2 to pass the resolution.





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