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Winnebago Board Tackles Bitcoin Mining Issue

A bitcoin mining operation which is located near the golden oval substation in Winnebago County has once again generated discussion at the Winnebago County Board of Supervisors level. Thad Wunder whose property is adjacent to the substation, recently complained that the operation vented too much heat on his crop in the field next to the substation. The heat is generated by computers operating at a high rate of speed while mining the bitcoins.

The county issues building permits through an online application located on the Winnebago County Board of Adjustments website. Wunder believes that the board should review the permit because he thinks that there were numerous violations in the construction of the buildings there.

Wunder claims that he has tried to get a copy or at least view the permit online to see the effective dates and has been unable to do so. He also wants to know the scope of the project.

Supervisor Terry Durby explained that the buildings are considered portable structures.

Wunder stated that to him the property is not zoned for commercial use.

Wunder continued to state his case as to why the operation should not be on the premises.

Durby contended that when it came to occupation of the buildings, he has been to the site several times.

The board listened to the complaint put forward by Wunder and asked that officials such as the County Attorney Kelsey Beenken review certain aspects of the complaint while asking the Zoning Director for further information on the permit and zoning.

Wunder has approached the board previously rendering similar claims regarding zoning and damage to his crops.





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