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Winnebago Board Reviews Potential Nuisance Property

Concerns over what some were calling junk on property once used by Roger Crews was the subject of discussion for the Winnebago County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday. The property is now owned by Bennie Hostettler who is in the process of cleaning it up after buying the land from Emily Crews, the youngest daughter of Roger.

Hostettler explained to the board about his intentions with the land and what kind of a business he runs on the land.

Hostettler explained that the land is used to display machinery and farm items that are for sale.

He expressed concern that there were people who labeled the land as a junk yard, but Hostettler contends that he is developing the property for use beyond just selling machinery and farm items.

Hostettler stated that he does the majority of his sales off of the property at another site. There are exceptions, however.

The property is situated near Emmons, where according to Supervisor Terry Durby, the town of Norman used to be. Supervisor Susan Smith explained that she and the board wanted some answers regarding the use and plans for the land.

The board asked the County Attorney Kelsey Beenken to clarify some outstanding issues and report back to the board.





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