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West Hancock Addresses School Shooting Rumors

West Hancock High School officials were alerted back on January 31st of a possible school shooting. Parents, students, and teachers became concerned about the rumor which prompted Principal Dan Peterson to look into the matter. In a press release, school officials were quoted as saying, “based on the investigation, law enforcement agencies have taken the situation into their hands for the next level of investigation. We do not feel that this situation will result in any threat to our student body.”

Law enforcement undertook several interviews with bot students and staff until they found the source of the problem. According to Superintendent Wayne Kronemann, there was no threat, but he was happy that students were vigilant.

Police reiterated the school officials positions stating that there was never any threat to the teachers and students in the school and that at no time were any weapons involved or was there any threat by the students. Additionally, the school was never placed on lockdown.

School officials also stated that they will not tolerate threats or talk of any nature about guns and shooting especially when they have intent to harm students and staff during the school day. They will investigate the validity of all claims and work to secure the safety of the students and staff adding that they were committed to the safety of the students.


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