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Winnebago County Sheriff’s Office Seeing More Sex Crimes Reported

The Winnebago County Sheriff’s Office has seen an uptick in the number of sex crimes being reported. Deputy T. J. Spooner of the Winnebago County Sheriff’s Office says a number of factors could be at play here.

Deputy Spooner is the officer for Winnebago County who deals with cases like this according to Winnebago County Sheriff Steve Hepperly.

What Spooner is finding is that women are finding the courage to step forward and report crimes against them. However, men seem to be more reluctant to report a crime against them.

Training to handle sex crimes is very specialized. Spooner explained that the whole premise begins with the Winnebago County Prosecutor Kelsey Beenken.

Spooner takes his time with the victim. The issue is not to get the whole story all at once, but to make sure the victim understands that portions of the event may be blocked internally.

The perpetrator of the sex crime is most often not a stranger according to both Hepperly and Spooner.

If you suspect a sex crime has taken place with a family member or even yourself, contact your local police department or Sheriff’s Office.





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