Lake Mills and West Hancock will host IHSAA Regional Duals

The Iowa High School Athletic Association announced that both West Hancock and Lake Mills boys wrestling teams would host for a chance to wrestle in Coarlville for state dual titles.

Last year, both teams qualified for the IHSAA Regional Duals, but both went on the road and fell short of a state birth. This year, they were both in the top eight of the IHSAA Wrestling Rankings released Tuesday, giving them the advantage of hosting regionals.

At #6 West Hancock

First Round: #11 Wapsie Valley vs. #23 Riverside, Oakland

Final: #6 West Hancock vs. TBD

At #4 Lake Mills

First Round: #14 Denver vs. #18 Akron-Westfield

Final: #4 Lake Mills vs. TBD

KIOW will livestream at both locations on Tuesday.

A link to the West Hancock match is currently under the basketball broadcast at the following link:

The Lake Mills dual will be the only broadcast on the Lake Mills video stream Tuesday night located here:

The start time is tentatively set for 7:30 PM but will vary depending on when the first dual is complete, and the stage is set for the final dual.

The winner of the eight host sites will compete on Saturday, February 3rd, in the state dual tournament, and KIOW will have live coverage if either Lake Mills, West Hancock, or both earn bids.

The rest of the Class 1A field:

At Alburnett

First Round: #16 Pleasantville vs. #17 Earlham

Final: #1 Alburnett vs. TBD

At Don Bosco, Gilbertville

First Round: #15 MFL MarMac vs. #20 Nodaway Valley

Final: #2 Don Bosco, Gilbertville vs. TBD

At Wilton

First Round: #13 West Branch vs. #19 Interstate 35, Truro

Final: #3 Wilton vs. TBD

At Nashua-Plainfield

First Round: #12 Emmetsburg vs. #22 Central Springs

Final: #5 Nashua-Plainfield vs. TBD

At Jesup

First Round: #10 Lisbon vs. #24 North Butler/Clarksville

Final: #7 Jesup vs. TBD

At Hinton

First Round: #9 Logan-Magnolia vs. #21 Shenandoah

Final: #8 Hinton vs. TBD




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