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Worth County Board Discusses Water and Wastewater Rates

The Worth County Board of Supervisors met with Jason Petersburg of Veenstra and Kimm to discuss water and wastewater rates both now and in the future. Petersburg outlined what rates are and their future projections.

Petersburg stated that there are some capital improvements that need to get completed shortly.

For this particular system located close to Diamond Joe’s Casino, there are a limited number of users.

Petersburg went on to explain that the Holiday Inn Express would start paying $19,000 per year for wastewater service and he felt it best to speak with the company first before going forward.

Worth County Auditor Jacki Backhaus reiterated that someone needs to speak with the Holiday Inn Express.

Chairman and Supervisor Enos Loberg agreed that discussions should be had as soon as possible.

The remaining board members agreed and accepted the rate report from Petersburg.



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