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Britt Deals with a Number of Water Issues

Residents of Britt have been dealing with a number of water issues ranging from blow outs to high lead counts. The city is in the process of installing a new water treatment system and a wastewater treatment system. A new high pressure water tower has already been installed.

Meanwhile the city has experienced ten known and posted water interruptions and tile blow outs since March of this year. The city warned affected residents through Facebook posts which remain up on the site.

The breaks in the water lines are due to several factors according to Britt Public Works Director Vance Hagen.

Britt Mayor Ryan Arndorfer agreed that it is a problem, but quickly cited that other cities are having the same problem.

Forest City Water and Wastewater Department Manager Kevin Reicks state that they have not had any water main breaks or blowouts this year. Meanwhile, Lake Mills Public Works Director Jeff Baumann stated that his department has handled two since March.

In Garner, City Administrator Jim Collins stated that he was aware of only three water main breaks this year.

Along with the 10 breaks and blowouts in their lines, Britt recently experienced two water line issues and Hagen explained why those happened.

KIOW News, with the help of the Forest City Water Department, conducted a lead content test of one of the Britt public drinking fountains where it was tested alongside water from a Forest City faucet.

The water on the left side of the image is from a Forest City faucet. The water on the right is from a Britt drinking fountain.

The Environmental Protection Agency recommends that lead counts be no higher than 0.3 milligrams of lead per liter of water. The Forest City faucet water tested at 0.0 milligrams per liter while the water taken from a drinking fountain in Britt was .99 milligrams per liter. Residents we spoke with in early November state that there are problems with their water as well.

Arndorfer stated that when the new water system being constructed fully comes online, the water quality will be the best Britt has ever seen. The system and a new wastewater system are being built to meet new EPA requirements.


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