YMCA Daycare Requests Funding Assistance From the Forest City Council

The Forest City Council was approached on Monday night about the need for financial assistance from the Forest City YMCA Daycare program. The council was presented with Resolution 23-24-16 which obligates $25,000 in Tax Increment Financing funding as an annual appropriation.

Forest City YMCA CEO Cindy Rosa told the city council that she wants to make sure that the YMCA is a vital part of the Forest City image.

Since taking over this summer as CEO, Rosa has to find a way to make the childcare program fiscally sound.

Rosa realizes that there are other childcare programs in the city, but is looking at partnerships to strengthen local childcare opportunities.

When pressed about what the actual deficit was, Rosa explained that has actually increased.

The YMCA Daycare program also receives funding from the Hanson Family Foundation. The key is to try and balance the expenses with the monies received. This may mean some changes in location operation according to Rosa.

Another area of evaluation is the partnership the YMCA has with the elementary school in utilizing classrooms. Rosa told the council that they are evaluating that partnership too.

Rosa admits that there is work to do, but she believes in the viability of the program. The city council voted to take the funding request under consideration for the next budget cycle.










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