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Britt Considers Zoning for an Apartment Complex

The Britt City Council and Mayor Ryan Arndorfer recently held a public hearing to discuss the possibility of zoning for the construction an apartment complex. The six apartment plex was in part, an answer to the growing housing issue that the city is facing. Crown Point Construction has already built a similar project in Garner and wants to do the same in Britt.

Mayor Ryan Arndorfer explained that the city needed to be proactive and move forward with creating housing.

Residents were concerned about what residents would be accepted into the complex. Arndorfer explained that while the hope is to build housing for an aging population, that may not be possible in every instance.

A number of residents in the nearly packed gallery who are at or near the construction site voiced their opposition. They raised concerns about parking, their children’s safety while playing, and other issues.

It was pointed out that the location also has a daycare center, a church, a lot of walkers, joggers, bicyclists, and heavy traffic.

A number of other residents voiced those same concerns to the council.

Still others wanted to bid on the properties where the apartments would be constructed. Arndorfer explained that a bidding process would take place and would be posted to allow for the public to be notified. That still did not satisfy some in crowd. While the purpose of the meeting was to discuss rezoning to accommodate for apartment complexes that would eventually result in their construction, residents were adamant about the idea.

Despite the overwhelming public opposition to the rezoning, the council voted 4-1 to pass the first of three readings to the ordinance. Arndorfer asked if the other two readings could be waived for a final vote. It was explained that it had to be on the agenda to do so and it was not.










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