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Clear Lake’s Fairfield Hotel Suffers Minor Fire Damage

 Clear Lake emergency officials reported that an automatic fire alarm call came in Saturday at 12:19 pm from the Fairfield Hotel on Bayou Road.  Employees stated there was a fire in a trash container on the second floor of the hotel. The staff began evacuating guests as soon at the alarms went off.
The Clear Lake Fire Department arrived to find a smoke-filled hallway on the hotel’s second floor.  Firefighters believe a trash container on a custodial cart used by hotel housekeeping was burning.  Firefighters moved the cart underneath a hotel sprinkler, which had activated and the minor blaze was immediately extinguished.
Firefighters made sure the flames had not spread. They then cleared the second floor of smoke using fans and ventilation.  Staff and guests where then allowed back into the hotel.

Fire officials stated that the fire remains under investigation, but damage was contained to the 2nd floor with smoke and water damage from the sprinkler activation. Officials estimate that the damages are around $5000.


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