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Britt Council Addresses Abandoned Church Hazard

The Britt City Council is now addressing the issue of the abandoned church at 106 3rd Street. The former church has sat empty for several years and became a dangerous site for curious children and the public. The city erected a fence around the building to prevent anyone from getting injured.

Britt City Attorney Earl Hill

The city is looking to obtain the tax sale certificate on the building according to City Attorney Earl Hill who addressed the council on the matter.

The city would need to obtain the tax certificate if they were to do anything to the building according to Hill.

Hill was quick to point out that the city does not want to assume tax liability on the structure and pay the overdue taxes. Instead, they want to be assigned the document.

The process is complicated and according to Hill, it doesn’t end with the assigned document.

Britt City Clerk Elizabeth Ibarra would then enter a bidding process for the property and if the city were to get the winning bid, it would become city property according to Hill.

The city council agreed to the process and has already begun to take steps to secure the property.





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