North Iowa Outdoors: Fur Trapping Season Has Begun

The trapping season is in its first full week across Iowa. DNR Furbearer Biologist, Vince Evelsizer, says there are a couple of positives for those venturing out.

The drought could have an impact depending on the type of animal you are pursuing.

The season was extended from the end of January through the month of February this year. Evelsizer says you aren’t going to make a lot of money from trapping right now, but you still get enjoyment out of the process.

He says raccoons have been one of the popular animals for trappers in Iowa.

The DNR saw 15,300 fur harvester licenses purchased in 2022 and Evelsizer says that number has been fairly stable over the past seven years. The Iowa Trapper’s Association and the DNR are offering a ‘learn to fur harvest’ workshop for beginners this fall on November 18th in St. Charles.


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