NIACC President, Steve Schulz, Announces Upcoming Retirement in June

The North Iowa Area Community College (NIACC) Board of Directors shares the bittersweet news that President Steve Schulz will be retiring in June 2024. Having been a foundational figure at NIACC for the past 10 years, President Schulz’s leadership and commitment have been instrumental in shaping the institution’s trajectory and legacy. While his departure will mark the end of a significant chapter, the groundwork he has laid ensures a promising future for NIACC.

During his tenure, President Schulz has overseen numerous institutional advancements, fostered valuable partnerships, and expanded academic opportunities for students. His unwavering commitment to education and community development has firmly established NIACC as a leading educational institution in North Iowa.

A Legacy of Achievement

Under President Schulz’s leadership, NIACC has:

  • Achieved a consistent ranking by the Aspen Institute as one of the top 150 community colleges nationwide, with a notable position in the top 25 during the most recent evaluation.
  • Spearheaded a $13.5 million capital campaign that paved the way for the construction of a cutting-edge health simulation center and diesel center.
  • Secured the 36th spot on Forbes’ list of America’s Best Small Employers.
  • Launched a Regional Career Center in Forest City and is in the process of opening of an additional Center in Charles City, set for Summer 2024.

President Schulz shared, “It has been a privilege to serve as President of NIACC for the past 10 years. It has been the highlight of my 40-year career in the public education space. I have been truly blessed to work with so many outstanding faculty, staff, Board, and community members and it was not an easy decision to retire from such a special institution.”

Presidential Search Process
The NIACC Board of Directors recognizes the importance of a smooth transition to ensure the continued success and growth of the institution. To that end, the following process will be undertaken to find a new president:

  1. Formation of a Search Committee: A committee comprising board members, faculty representatives, students, and community stakeholders will be formed to oversee the search process.
  2. Engagement of a Search Firm: The NIACC Board is considering engaging with an executive search firm to identify potential candidates.
  3. Community and Stakeholder Input: There will be opportunities for community members, students, faculty, and staff to provide input regarding the qualities and qualifications they deem important in the next president.
  4. Interviewing and Selection: After a thorough vetting process, the top candidates will be invited for on-campus interviews. Feedback from these interviews will be instrumental in the final selection.
  5. Announcement: Once a decision is made, NIACC will announce the new president, ensuring ample time for a smooth transition before President Schulz’s departure.

The NIACC community is grateful for President Schulz’s dedication, vision, and leadership over the years. As we embark on this transition, we reflect on his legacy and look forward to welcoming a new chapter in the institution’s history.


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