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The Disabled Need to be Prepared for Emergencies

Iowans of all ages and abilities need to be prepared for severe weather, but people with mobility issues — either due to a disability or age — need to be especially conscious of where they would seek shelter in case of emergency. Emily Holley, regional communications manager for the Nebraska-Iowa chapter of the American Red Cross, has issues with severe chronic pain and she walks with a cane.

Holley says she has a “go bag” that contains an array of emergency supplies, like fresh water, non-perishable food, and a flashlight, along with other essentials, like a battery power pack to charge a phone.

Consider that safe spot in your house an emergency shelter and outfit it with whatever you might need, including snacks and medications.

The Red Cross has an Emergency App that’s free and Holley says it will come in very handy when you need it.

It’s important to plan what you’d do in an emergency and Holley suggests holding a drill with the entire family twice a year. Find more tips at:


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