Water Levels Continue to Dwindle

The ongoing drought continues to cause flow issues on some Iowa rivers. Locally, the Winnebago and Iowa Rivers are so low that in some areas it is feasible to walk across them. Ponds in Pammel Park in Forest City are seemingly wading pools for visiting Canadian geese. Marshes near Leland have also dried up in many locations. These are not the only locations where water leve3ls are an issue.

D-N-R Conservation and Recreation Division administrator, Pete Hildreth, says the West Nishnibotna River is too low to allow pumping at the main marsh for the Riverton Wildlife Area.

He says another area of the wildlife area has been able to get water pumped in.

He says that marsh area is four inches below normal, but that have had enough water for the teal hunting season. Hildreth says they hope to eventually get more water in the other marsh.

Hildreth made his comments during the recent Natural Resources Commission meeting and says there are other areas that are also dealing with low water issues.


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