Area Storm and Rain Drought Continue

The brown grass, the harvest, and continued fall like weather may be coming faster than we expected. The area is experiencing below normal precipitation levels which are reflected in the vegetation colors we are seeing right now. None if this is expected to change anytime soon according to National Weather Service Meteorologist Jim Lee.

In years past, forecasters have been able to turn to such anomalies as El Nino or La Nina, but Lee says that isn’t the case right now.

The fall harvest is right around the corner in northern Iowa, and this may prove beneficial for area farmers to get out into the fields and work. The lack of significant storm systems entering into the area means that farmers can get the work done more efficiently.

The question remains of how and when this persistent dry pattern will break up and what will it take to do so?

Currently, the area is 1.31 inches below normal for precipitation for the month.





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