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Despite Reports, ADHD Medications are Readily Available Locally

There have been reports on a national scale that prescriptions for attention deficit disorders and ADHD are in short supply. This would be a concern especially for those who have students going to off to college or entering school for the first time.

That issue is not a problem if you were to speak to local pharmacies. Jason Miller and his wife own and operate Miller Pharmacy in Forest City. They stay abreast on the pharmaceutical supply chain issues on a national level. Miller stated that medicines related to ADD and ADHD are readily available here.

Miller and his wife Jill make sure that their pharmacy is well stocked with needed medications, but he does not deny that there could be shortages in other parts of the country. He sees a number of reasons why these important medications may be coming up short.

As for local customers getting their needed prescriptions for these conditions, Miller says that his company is filling orders without a disruption.

The federal government regulates production of certain medications and according to Miller, ADHD medication production has limits for good reason.

ADHD medications themselves are generally not habit forming.

If there are supply issues in the future, Miller Pharmacy will make their clients aware of the potential problem, but for now it does not exist in the area.




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