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The Winnebago County Board of Supervisors Meeting (LIVE)

(Click the link above to go live to the Winnebago County Board of Supervisors meeting).

The Winnebago County Board of Supervisors will meet on Tuesday beginning at 9am. You can view the meeting live on Winnebago County Veterans Affairs Director Mary Lou Kleveland will offer her quarterly report on what her office has been doing and what projects lie ahead.

Winnebago County Treasurer Julie Swenson will inform the board on her office’s activities in a semi-annual report. This will detail monies raised from licenses, permits, passports, and other general matters her department handles.

Secondary Roads Engineer Scott Meinders will report on the state of the roads in Winnebago County. He will also give consultation to the board on a proposed Utility Permit for WCTA to bury fiber optic lines on R20 in Lincoln Township, Sections 23 & 33.

Drainage matters will begin around 9:30am. Drainage Clerk Kris Oswald will review the improvement project for Drainage District 92. An unexpected amount of sand has been found in the drainage system which runs along parcels owned by the Winnebago County Conservation Board. The sand is making it almost impossible to make necessary improvements let alone cleaning it out. Residents in the district are being asked for input on whether to proceed with the work.

After consulting with Winnebago County Attorney Kelsey Beenken on the wording of the 28E Agreement between the city, the county, and the Forest City Ambulance Service, the sharing agreement may be ready for a vote. At issue is how to spend the $487,000 that a property levy and county-wide personal income tax is expected to generate. Voters were told that the money would be spent hiring new Emergency Medical Technicians and paramedics. The Lake Mills Ambulance Service has the greatest need for staffing followed by Buffalo Center Ambulance Service. The Forest City Ambulance Service pushed for an even three-way split of the funding.

Forest City will become the employer of record in the agreement instead of Winnebago County primarily because the benefits are better and less expensive through the city.

Response times appear to remain the same even in the most rural of areas in the county as discussions on improving the situation did not yield relocating staff to better cover those rural locations.

The board will hold an open forum to allow for public comment.


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