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Britt Considers Rates on Sunset Ridge Lots

Amongst the turmoil of lawsuits, the Britt City Council met on Tuesday to discuss a number of issues facing the city. Mayor Ryan Arndorfer was noticeably absent from the meeting as was the Police Chief Mark Anderson. They and the council are involved in a sexual harassment lawsuit. None of the parties or their lawyers have offered any comment on the matter.  The council moved forward with the business of the city.

One of the issues is what to do with the empty lots in the Sunset Ridge development. Mayor Pro Tem Curt Gast asked the City Attorney Earl Hill to discuss what actions the city should take from here. Hill explained that the city had not properly established a procedure for the lots to be sold.

The city had not been charging for the properties, but Hill quickly learned that they had to charge something.

With the addition of business in the city and a thriving downtown, the city needs housing according to Hill.

The city would have to officially notify the public about the procedural changes and prices for the lots. The city could then officially begin the process of selling the lots. There was one more sticking point according to Hill.

The city opted to sell the lots to homeowners for $1 and have them pay for the abstracts.








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