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Lawsuit Filed Against Britt’s Mayor and the City by the Police Chief

Britt Police Chief Mark Anderson has filed a lawsuit against Mayor Ryan Arndorfer alleging that Anderson and his husband have been the victims of gay-on-gay sexual harassment. According to the complaint, from 2017 until present day, Arndorfer and City Council Member Chad Luecht sent inappropriate and sexually graphic messages using a private text group. The messages allegedly contained photos and sex acts sent in SnapChat and texts.

The complaint goes on to say that Anderson asked the pair to stop the messaging. This was reportedly followed by more harassment and retaliation through criticism and limitations in pay raises.

Anderson married his husband in 2020. The complaint alleges that Arndorfer and Luecht requested nude photos of one or both of them. Anderson declined and that is when Arndorfer allegedly threatened with pay raise limitations and resource reduction for the Britt Police Department.

Anderson reportedly went to the City Administrator in 2020 as an intervention measure. At that point, the complaint states that Luecht ended any more illicit texts and messaging. After resigning this past April for what Luecht termed were personal mental health reasons, he has denied any wrongdoing.

Later in 2021, Anderson alleges that he received a lesser raise in pay than the other officers in the police department. He alleges that this was in retaliation for not cooperating with Arndorfer and Luecht.

The complaint states that Anderson is suing the city and Arndorfer for discrimination and harassment based on sex and sexual orientation along with retaliation. These charges are considered to be in violation of the Iowa Civil Rights Act.

Michele Brott is both Arndorfer’s and Luecht’s attorney in the matter. She specializes in employment law along with labor and employment litigation at the municipal level. Her office is in Des Moines. She did not respond to our calls for comment.

Earl Hill has long been the attorney for the city of Britt. He also has not returned any calls for comment.

Anderson’s attorney, Madison Fiedler Carson, also did not return any calls but sent an email to the Des Moines Register stating that Anderson, “…is hopeful this lawsuit will help lead to meaningful change in the community and better awareness of the importance of power dynamics and consent.”

Arndorfer has denied the allegations brought forward in the complaint and according to reports, intends to defend himself in court.



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