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Wright County Board of Supervisors (LIVE)

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The Wright County Board of Supervisors will meet on Monday morning beginning at 9am. the board will be asked to approve the liquor license for the Belmond Area Arts Council for the Tractor pull in June and the Power Show in August.

The board will also be asked to Appoint Anastasia Burke, MD. as a Deputy Medical Examiner.

Supervisors will review and act on the Joint Drainage District assessments with Humboldt and Hancock counties. They will also review and act on JDD 113-5 with Humboldt Co. revised from prior week waivered drain. Finally, they will review and act on the Wright County Drainage District Assessments.

The board will then review and act on the Fifth Amendment to the Child Support Staffing contract between the Iowa Department of Health and Human Services, Child Support Services and the Webster County (Host) Political Subdivision.

The supervisors will be asked to review and take action on the county urban renewal tax rebates to two companies.

Wright County Engineer Adam Clemons will review the current state of secondary roads in the county. He will ask the board to consider amendment #1 to FY23 IADOT Secondary Roads Budget.



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