Forest City Education Foundation Awards Scholarships

The Forest City Education Foundation presented scholarships to graduating seniors on Wednesday night at the Boman Fine Arts Center in Forest City
Over 130 different groups presented scholarships to students, who were in attendance to accept their financial gifts. Executive Director of the Forest City Education Foundation, Liz Thompson, thanked those in attendance who helped the students during their high school careers.
The scholarships ranged from $300, to a single scholarship worth $29,000. The awards were highlighted by over 55 scholarships from the Hansen Family Foundation that each ranged from $2,200-$3,300 in value.
Many of the scholarship presenters were graduates of Forest City High School, who mentioned

the value of their education as a reason they were giving back to students this year.
For a complete list of all the scholarships awarded and the scholarship winners, see below.

Named scholarships from donors:
Hanson Family Foundation Grants – if a student is attending Waldorf $3,300, NIACC
$2,800 and any other college/university $2,200. Awarded to students who completed the
Forest City Education Foundation application prior to the deadline. Generously donated
by the Hanson Family Foundation
Madison Arispe, Katelyn Beenken, Robay Birri, Joylynn Bitker-Gonnerman, Madison Branstad,
Justin Brock, Bailey Brones, Samantha Buffington, Eimmy Candelaria, Melissa Cibrian-
Martinez, Brody Dirksen, Chloe Elbon, Trinita Folkerts, Kyra Gibbs, Melia Golwitzer, Randall
Grunzke, Lillian Holtan, Alex Isebrand, Ellie Jenkins, Ethan Johnson, Kali Johnson, Allison
Klein, Colby Krutsinger, Karly Lambert, Cesar Lechuga, Matthew Liviero, Hannah Lunning,
Sarah Lunning, Ashlynn Miller, Kellen Moore, Alexis Nelson, Lilian Nelson, Calvin Ohrt, Trista
Olsen, Andrew Olson, Levi Olson, Karrissa Osborn, Melissa Osborn, Coltin Owens, Joslynne
Plath, Benjamin Plessel, Parker Sharp, Avery Smith, Connor Sopko, Carson Strukel, Kacie Suby,
Trayce Swanson, Braden Swearingen, Adrian Thongsavath, Elliana Warren, Troy Webber Jr,

Jadyn Welch, Josiah Welch, Neveaha Wicke, & Jadyn Wooge

Forest City Education Foundation Commitment to Excellence Scholarships – various
amounts; awarded to students who have met the Foundation’s requirements. Funded by
Hanson Family Foundation and Forest City Education Foundation
Katelyn Beenken, Madison Branstad, Bailey Brones, Samantha Buffington, Eimmy Candelaria,
Melissa Cibrian-Martinez, Trinita Folkerts, Kyra Gibbs, Randall Grunzke, Lillian Holtan, Alex
Isebrand, Ellie Jenkins, Ethan Johnson, Kali Johnson, Allison Klein, Karly Lambert, Cesar
Lechuga, Hannah Lunning, Sarah Lunning, Kellen Moore, Alexis Nelson, Lilian Nelson, Andrew
Olson, Levi Olson, Karrissa Osborn, Melissa Osborn, Parker Sharp, Avery Smith, Connor
Sopko, Carson Strukel, Kacie Suby, Braden Swearingen, Adrian Thongsavath, Elliana Warren,

Jadyn Welch, Josiah Welch, & Jadyn Wooge
Elsie Marie Johnson – $1,000 & 2 @ $500 Donated by Elsie Marie Johnson
Jaydn Wooge, Jadyn Welch, & Josiah Welch

Masonic Lodge Scholarships – 2 @ $500 Donated by Masonic Lodge of Forest City
Ellie Jenkins & Braden Swearingen
Nelson/Straks Family Scholarship – $1,650 Donated by Steve Nelson
Lilian Nelson
American Bar Assocaition Citizenship Award – $300 Donated by the Winnebago County Bar
Carson Strukel
Anna Harringa Nursing Scholarship – 7 @ $600 Donated by Anna Harringa
Chloe Elbon, Melissa Osborn, Melissa Cibrian-Martinez, Ellie Jenkins, Karly Lambert, &
Neveaha Wicke
Class of 1965 Scholarship – $1,500 Donated by members of the Class of 1965 & former
Allison Klein
Public Service Scholarship – $500 Donated by Keith & Heather Duenow and Steve & Beth
Samantha Buffington
Jason & Jessica Bruckhoff Scholarship – $1,500 Donated by Jason & Jessica Bruckhoff
Kellen Moore
Bear Creek Pro-Am Scholarships – 5 @ $500 Donated by Bear Creek Golf Course
Alex Isebrand, Ellie Jenkins, Kellen Moore, Lilian Nelson, & Andy Olson
Martin & Emma Lee Nielsen Scholarship – $500 Donated by Emma Lee Nielsen Memorial
Joslynne Plath
Bill C. Fox Scholarship – Approx. $29,000 (half tuition for 3 years, full tuition for 4th year)
Donated by Bill & Katherine Fox Foundation
Bailey Brones
Sorensen Family Scholarship – $500 Donated by Paul & Kathryn Sorensen
Katelyn Beenken
Benson/Torkelson Memorial Scholarship – $300 Donated by Benson & Torkelson Families

Braden Swearingen
Class of 1963 Scholarship – $1,500 Donated by the Class of 1963
Adrian Thongsavath
PEO Chapter HW Scholarship – $300 Donated by Forest City PEO
Elliana Warren
Wilson Family Scholarship – $500 Donated by Scott & Paula Wilson
Alex Isebrand
FCIS Insurance Scholarship – $1,000 Donated by FCIS Insurance
Jadyn Wooge
Dave Draheim Memorial Scholarship – 2 @ $500 Donated by family & friends & additional
ongoing fundraising
Kellen Moore & Calvin Ohrt
Ed Putney Memorial Scholarship – $1,000 Donated by Linda Putney
Kali Johnson
Grunhovd Education Scholarship – $500 Donated by Amy Grunhovd & Ivy Leitch
Joslynne Plath
Ken & Cindy Korth Scholarship – 3 @ $1,000 Donated by Ken & Cindy Korth
Carson Strukel, Karly Lambert, & Samantha Buffington
FCHS Resiliency Scholarships – 3 @ $500 Donated anonymously
Madison Arispe, Melia Golwitzer, & Cesar Lechuga
Daniel Ingram Memorial Scholarship – $500 Donated by Henry & Pennie Stone
Kyra Gibbs
Paul David Carson Memorial Scholarship – $1,000 Donated by Kathryn Carson McHan,
Breck McHan, Josh McHan & Megan Hall, and Elly McHan & Rob Curtis
Alexis Nelson
Joyful Spirit Scholarship – $300 Donated by Missy Erdman
Brody Dirksen

Jim & Chrys Velky Scholarship – $500 Donated by Adam & Trichelle Jackson
Karly Lambert
Doug & Donna Jackson Family Scholarship – $500 Donated by Adam & Trichelle Jackson
Justin Brock
Randy & Tracy Broesder Family Scholarship – 2 @ $300 Donated by Randy & Tracy
Hannah Lunning & Calvin Ohrt
Forest City Farmers Coop Scholarships – 2 @ $500 Donated by Forest City Farmers Coop
Madison Branstad & Trista Olsen
Paddlers Giving Back Scholarship – $1,500 Donated by Jay & Kerry Steffensen, Ed & Kris
Linder, and Mike Faircloth
Allison Klein
Holland Contracting Scholarship – $500 Donated by Holland Contracting
Levi Olson
Brickstreet Theatre Scholarship – $500 Donated by BrickStreet Theatre
Kyra Gibbs
Barney Ruiter Leadership Scholarship – 2 @ $500 Donated anonymously
Alexis Nelson & Lilian Nelson
Barney Ruiter Memorial Scholarship – $500 Donated by Class of 1967 & Barb Ruiter
Melia Golwitzer
Charles Joseph Ruiter Memorial Scholarship – $500 Donated in memory Charlie Ruiter by
his family
Joylynn Bitker-Gonnerman
Thad L. Josten Ag Scholarship – 2 @ $500 Donated by LaVurne & Sharon Josten and Connie
Madison Branstad & Jadyn Wooge
Walker Family Scholarship – $300 Donated by Keith & Emily Walker
Katelyn Beenken

Don & Edell Westerberg “Make Something Of Yourself” Scholarship – $4,500 Donated by
Tim Westerberg, Steve Westerberg, & Deanna Ennen
Eimmy Candelaria
Clifford & Merna Torkelson Family Scholarship – $600 Donated by Merna Torkelson
Levi Olson
County Line Seeds Scholarship – $500 Donated by County Line Seeds
Ashlynn Miller
Rotary Waldorf University Scholarship – 3 @ $500 Donated by Forest City Rotary Club
Joylynn Bitker-Gonnerman, Robay Birri, & Connor Sopko
Oleson Family Scholarship Presented by Forest City Family YMCA
Kyra Gibbs & Karly Lambert
Forest City Lions Denny Lovick Memorial Scholarship – $500 Donated by Forest City Lions
Kali Johnson
Eugene Morris Forest City Lions Scholarship – $500 Donated by Forest City Lions Club
Kacie Suby
Forest City Lions Sportsmanship Awards – 2 @ $500 Donated by Forest City Lions Club
Connor Sopko & Kali Johnson
Robin Faught Memorial Scholarship – $500 Donated by Ryan, Stephanie, & Eric Faught
Jadyn Wooge
Badger’s Custom Woodworking Scholarship – $500 Donated by Scott Thompson and Alec &
Ali Sundermann
Melia Golwitzer
Schnebly Family Scholarship – $500 Donated by the Schnebly Family
Justin Brock
Galen & Melba Borchardt Memorial Scholarship – $5,000 Donated through estate bequest
Avery Smith
Sarasio-Meyer Theatrical Scholarships – 3 @ $500 Donated by Dan & Shandra Sarasio-Meyer

Kyra Gibbs (Top Actress), Carson Strukel (Top Actor), & Karrissa Osborn (Top Technician)
Nate Wicker Memorial Scholarship – 2 @ $500 Donated by Glenda Keough
Justin Brock & Calvin Ohrt
Edel Family Scholarship – $300 Donated by the Edel Family
Kali Johnson
Steve Olson Scholarship – $300 Donated anonymously
Andrew Olson
Johnson Family Scholarship – $1,000 Donated by Craig & Dawn Johnson and DeWayne &
Donna Johnson
Alexis Nelson
The Hope & Ron Lichtsinn Family Scholarship – 2 @ $1,500 Donated by Hope & Ron
Samantha Buffington & Connor Sopko
KIOW Scholarship – $500 Donated by KIOW
Brody Dirksen
Kimberly Hope Jordal Memorial Scholarship – $800 Donated by the Jordal & Lewellen
Ellie Jenkins
Norbert J. Pint Memorial Scholarships – 10 @ $1,000 Donated through estate bequest
Bailey Brones, Ethan Johnson, Adrian Thongsavath, Kali Johnson, Braden Swearingen, Allison
Klein, Andrew Olson, Randall Grunzke, Alexis Nelson, & Kellen Moore
Lee & Linda Hinkley Scholarship – $300 Donated by Lee & Linda Hinkley
Joslynne Plath
Kirby Thompson Memorial Scholarship – $350 Donated by funds from the Kirby Thompson
Memorial & the Thompson Family
Madison Arispe
Denny Lovick Memorial Scholarship – 2 @ $500 Donated by Barb Lovick
TJ Webber & Melia Golwitzer

Creative Excellence Scholarship – $500 Donated by Coloff Digital
Jadyn Welch
Hanlontown Community Club Scholarships Awarded by Hanlontown Community Club
Hannah Lunning & Sarah Lunning
Clemmit & Pauline Monson Family Scholarships – 2 @ $1,000 Donated by Diane (Monson)
Ehm, Carol (Monson) Noren, Kevin Monson, & Sheila (Monson) Davis
Ethan Johnson & Joslynne Plath
Jenkins Family Scholarship – $600 Donated by Jenkins Family
Ellie Jenkins
Hertzke Family Scholarship – 2 @ $1,000 & 2 @ $500 Donated by Bruce & Jan Hertzke
Kacie Suby, Jadyn Wooge, Alexis Nelson, & Lilian Nelson
Class of 1985 Scholarship – $500 Donated by Class of 1985
Colby Krutsinger
Forest City Military Scholarship – $1,000 Donated anonymously
Randall Grunzke
Class of 1988 Scholarship – $500 Donated by Class of 1988
Justin Brock
FCHS Engineering Alumni Scholarship – $2,000 Donated by Ken Kleemeier, Joe Charlson,
Brad Heitland, & Eric Nelson
Adrian Thongsavath
FCHS Achievement Scholarship – $1,500 Donated by Pat & Steve Lovik, Jason & Nicole
Lovik-Blaser, David & Rebecca Ziesmer, and Derek & Mallory Ziesmer
TJ Webber
Carl & Sandra Wagner Scholarship – $500 Donated by Carl & Sandra Wagner
Joslynne Plath
Class of 1977 Scholarship – 2 @ $500 Donated by Class of 1977
Ethan Johnson & Trayce Swanson
Jay Knudtson Memorial Scholarship – $1,500 Donated by Class of 1977

Jadyn Wooge
Alfred Buckley Award (Outstanding Female Athlete) – $1,250 Donated anonymously and by
Coca-Cola Bottling Co.
Lilian Nelson
Brooker Cup Award & Scholarship (Outstanding Male Athlete) – $1,250 Donated by Jay E.
Brooker Memorial Fund and Warren J. Brooker Memorial Fund
Kellen Moore
Winnebago Industries Foundation Scholarships Awarded by Winnebago Industries
Eimmy Candelaria, Trinita Folkerts, & Adrian Thongsavath
Tribeta Honor Society STEM Education Scholarship – $200 Donated by Iota Delta Beta
Chapter of Tri Beta (Waldorf University Biology Department)
Parker Sharp
Willig Family Scholarship – $2,500 Donated by Willig Family Scholarship Funds
Karrissa Osborn
Tom & Tammy Larson Family Scholarship – $600 Donated by Tom & Tammy Larson
Trista Olsen
Chuck Odens Memorial Scholarship – $1,000 Donated by Chuck Odens’ family & former
postal cooleagues
Lilian Nelson
Road to Success Scholarship Awarded by Grinnell Mutual
Braden Swearingen
Waldon Groves Scholarships – 2 @ $5,000 Donated through estate bequest
Madison Branstad & Alex Isebrand
Carole Anderson Memorial Scholarship – $500 Donated by Kathy Jerome
Karly Lambert
Kleemeier Family Scholarships – 6 @ $1,600 Donated by Tim & Rita Kleemeier, Kelly
Kleemeier & David Dickson, Katie Kleemeier, Tyson & Krista (Kleemeier) Scheidecker, and
Boeing Corp.

Melissa Cibrian-Martinez, Allison Klein, Cesar Lechuga, Avery Smith, Adrian Thongsavath, &
Chloe Elbon
Olson Family Scholarship – $300 Donated by Steve & Nancy Olson
Connor Sopko
Nyhus Family Agricultural Enrichment Scholarships – 2 @ $500 Donated by Harlan &
Debbie Nyhus
Braden Swearingen & Jadyn Wooge
Nyhus Family Scholarship – $500 Donated by Harlan & Debbie Nyhus
Alexis Nelson
Buffington Family Scholarship – $1,500 Donated by Andy & Keila Buffington, Jan Buffington,
and Joe & Maddie (Buffington) Adamson
Bailey Brones
Worth County Development Association Scholarship Awarded by WCDA
Levi Olson, Hannah Lunning, Sarah Lunning, Ashlynn Miller, Parker Sharp, & Kacie Suby
Raymond Stark Memorial Scholarship – $1,000 Donated by Carol J. Tweeten
Kyra Gibbs
Robert & Gail Kuefler Scholarships – 2 @ $750 Donated by Robert & Gail Kuefler
Justin Brock & Adrian Thongsavath
College Athlete-Educator Scholarship – $500 Donated anonymously
Lilian Nelson
Frakes Family Scholarship – $1,500 Donated by Mark & Carolyn Frakes
Ethan Johnson
Forest City FFA Alumni Scholarships – 4 @ $500 Donated by FC FFA Alumni
Madison Branstad, Allison Klein, Trista Olsen, & Jadyn Wooge
Get On The Bus Staff Scholarships – various amounts; funded by collective FC Community
School District staff donations
$500 – Joylynn Bitker-Gonnerman, Chloe Elbon, Trinita Folkerts, Benjamin Plessel, Trayce
Swanson, & Troy Webber
$750 – Sarah Lunning & Kacie Suby

$1,000 – Parker Sharp
$1,400 – Avery Smith
Russ Piehl Memorial Scholarship – $350 Donated by Marla Betz
Ashlynn Miller
Lynn Hill Memorial Scholarship – $2,500 Donated by David Hill
Eimmy Candelaria
Alvera & James Lovick FFA Scholarship – $600 Donated by memorial funds
Lilian Nelson
United States Marine Corps Awards
Scholastic Excellence Award – Carson Strukel
Semper Fi Award for Musical Excellence – Avery Smith
Distinguished Athlete Award – Karly Lambert & Carson Strukel
Doug Book Memorial Scholarship – $500 Donated by Doug Book Memorial Funds
Kellen Moore
Lyle & Velma Jefosn Family Memorial Scholarship – $2,000 Donated by Jerry & Bonnie
Brody Dirksen
NSB Bank Scholarships – 2 @ $250 Donated by NSB Bank
Alexis Nelson & Braden Swearingen
Wanda Petterson & Wanda Ann Petterson Memorial Music Scholarship – $10,000 Donated
through estate bequest
Kyra Gibbs
Bernie Saggau Award
Ethan Johnson
Blomme Family Scholarship – $500 Donated by Tom & Julie Blomme
Madison Arispe
Dr. Laila Buck Scholarship – $500 Donated by Dr. Laila Buck
Karly Lambert

Sue Renee Pannkuk Memorial Scholarship – $500 Donated by Laura Arterburn, Wendy
Eggebraaten, and Katie Bowers
Melissa Osborn
The Miller Family Scholarship – $500 Donated by Tad & Jaci Miller
Brody Dirksen
Tony & Sue Coloff Scholarship – $1,000 Donated by Tony & Sue Coloff
Allison Klein
Timothy Nelson Memorial Scholarships – 3 @ $500 Donated by the Nelson Family
Alexis Nelson, Lilian Nelson, & Jadyn Wooge
Drackley/Heidemann Family Scholarship – $1,500 Donated by Don & Kristin Heidemann
Avery Smith
Richard & Doris Putz Memorial Scholarship – $500 Donated by Steve & Sheryl Putz
Connor Sopko
Vera & Richard Hynes Scholarship – $2,500 Donated by Vera & Richard Hynes
Hannah Lunning
Lester D. & Lela W. Prewitt Scholarship
Katelyn Beenken
Colby Schleuger Class of 2020 Memorial Scholarship – $1,000 Donated by Curt & Gina
Braden Swearingen
Kingland Construction Scholarship – $500 Donated by Eric & Shelly Kingland
Melia Golwitzer
Integrity Scholarship – $500 Donated anonymously
Cesar Lechuga
Principal’s Leadership Award – $500 Donated by Ken & Valerie Baker
Karly Lambert
The Reece Family Scholarship – $600 Donated by Chad & Kris Reece
Allison Klein

Bob & Kathy Olson Family Scholarship – 2 @ $2,500 Donated by Bob & Kathy Olson
Andrew Olson & Brody Dirksen
Ray Brcka Memorial Scholarship – $1,000 Donated by the Brcka Family
Levi Olson
Frank F. Sinnard Memorial Scholarship – $1,000 Donated by Frank Sinnard Memorial Funds
Parker Sharp
Forest City Veterinary Clinic Scholarships – 5 @ $500 Donated by Forest City Vet Clinic
Madison Branstad, Allison Klein, Trista Olsen, Braden Swearingen, & Jadyn Wooge
Student of Integrity Scholarship Awarded by Better Business Bureau
Kyra Gibbs
Mike & Jean O’Rourke Appreciation Scholarship – $500 Donated by Mike & Jean O’Rourke
Joslynne Plath
Community Foundation of Northeast Iowa Scholarship – $1,904 Donated anonymously
Samantha Buffington
Raymond & Joan Beebe Family Scholarship – 6 @ $10,000 Donated by Ray & Joan Beebe
Ethan Johnson, Karly Lambert, Carson Strukel, Elliana Warren, Jadyn Welch, & Josiah Welch
Raymond M. & Joan P. Beebe Waldorf University Scholarship Donated by Ray & Joan
Connor Sopko
Outstanding Senior Boy & Girl
Alex Isebrand & Lilian Nelson


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