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Worth County Continues Discussion on its EMS Program

Recently, the Worth County Board of Supervisors held discussions on how ambulance coverage will be done for the county residents. The supervisors expressed that there may be gaps in some of the services.

Mayors in Worth County also met to discuss ambulance services for their cities and surrounding area. As things stand, Fertile and Hanlontown will be covered by the Forest City Ambulance Service. Both mayors of the cities agreed that this would work out well.

The Northwood Fire Department will be covering the northeast portion of the county. This means that residential and farms will have some form of coverage.

What is developing into an issue involves Manly. The city appreciates and is satisfied with the service provided by the Mason City Ambulance Service. What is at issue is the cost to the city which they can’t afford. The county will continue to explore options to make sure the entire county has complete coverage at an affordable cost.


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