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Hancock County Faces Taxpayer Objections on $2 Million Concrete Road Improvement

Taxpayers Filled Supervisors Chambers to Capacity in Opposition


The Hancock County Board of Supervisors held a public hearing Monday in exploration of another bond on a $2+ million concrete road improvement.  A petition for establishment of a secondary road assessment district (Exhibit A) was filed in September of 2022 by Doug Studer, with landowners Doug and Don Verbrugge initially in support of the project.

In the report, Hancock County engineer Jeremy Purvis proposed a new eight-inch concrete road on 220th Street from Hill Avenue to Iowa Avenue just southwest of Britt, estimated to cost over $2 million.




Click Audio File Below of Jeremy Purvis


Purvis also presented a couple other cheaper options with the possibility of 50 percent of the bill still being footed by the taxpayers.  Members of the public, including one of the petitioners, representatives of the Kennedy’s, along with other taxpayers, voiced their opposition.  Don Verbrugge is no longer on board with paying his portion of the current costs, but would like the county to explore other options at taxpayer expense.

Click Audio File Below of Don Verbrugge


Glenn Smith, who represents Deanna Kimmel and the heirs of the Jenness Kennedy estate, explains why his clients are opposed.

Click Audio File Below of Glenn Smith


No current study has been documented as to the traffic count on the one mile gravel stretch.  Smith pointed out that private companies with major traffic have utilized tax increment financing to pave their own roads.

Click Audio File Below of Glenn Smith


Another taxpayer said he was not in favor of the project either.

Click Audio File Below of Audience Member


The Hancock County Board of Supervisors wrapped up the lengthy discussion by tabling the project for Purvis to investigate further avenues.  The next hearing will be held July 17th at 11am.  For the full engineer’s report, click here:  Enginer Report – 220th Street from Hill Ave to Iowa Ave





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