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Forest City Library Board Meets with the Public

The Forest City Library Board is currently investigating what they are capable of doing in growing the library. The original plan was to move into the old Forest City Foods grocery store building adjacent to the library. The additional space would provide direly needed room for children’s activities, meeting space, and more resource space. However, the cost since the pandemic has risen to $4 million to renovate the facility.

A second proposal has arisen which involves moving the library into the Forest City High School. However, accessibility became a major issue with limited hours and activity space.

A third option was to move into the Waldorf University Library and operating jointly with the university. The cost would be far less, but it would still involve building an additional parking lot. It would give the public library a children’s activity area, more computer space, and an adult area for parents and adults. Hours of operation would also dramatically increase.

Forest City Library Board President Tracy Broesder assured a gathered crowd in the NSB Meeting Room during a public meeting, that nothing is firm.

The meeting saw a lot of opposition to the idea of moving the library into the Waldorf University Library. Broesder stated that she was aware of the uneasiness about that idea.

Waldorf University Head Librarian Sara Beiting explained how she saw the partnership working in the grand design of the library.

The Forest City Library has only been able to raise $700,000 of the $4 million that are necessary to refurbish the old grocery store building.

Library personnel discuss designs at the proposed front desk site in the old grocery store.

There were some in the crowd who were unhappy that the library board was exploring the idea of moving into the Waldorf University Library. Broesder tried to assure them that the board was trying to do its best under the circumstances.

The board will hold another public meeting soon and continues to try and raise funds in hopes of refurbishing the old grocery store building next door.








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