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Hancock County Supervisors to Discuss Dredging and HVAC

The Hancock County Supervisors will meet on Monday morning beginning at 9am. you can view the meeting live on The board will open the meeting with a Videoconference with Tyler Conley, Bolton & Menk. He will discuss the Northern Natural Gas engineer’s review of Drainage District # 1 and 2 South Main Ditch dredging.

Jeremy Purvis, Hancock County Engineer will deliver the County Engineer’s report on Secondary Roads. Then at 9:40am, the board will consider pay estimate no. 3 for HVAC System Upgrade with Mechanical Air Systems.

The supervisors are expected to discuss and possibly consider acceptance vote of Teva, Allergan, CVS, Walgreens, and Walmart proposed settlements regarding Opioid Defendants. The board may designate Rachel Ginbey, County Attorney to sign settlement documents on behalf of Hancock County.

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