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Wright County Frustrated with Funding for Teen Health Programs

The Wright County Board of Supervisors met on Monday to discuss one of the issues facing the county. It has to do with funding for specialized teen drug addiction health programs. Supervisor Karl Helgavold explained that Parent Connections is one of the programs affected.

Helgavold and others would like to see the program continue because of what it provides to the teen and young adult communities of Wright County.

The teen substance abuse programs provide addiction detox, rehab, and aftercare solutions along with counseling programs. With the halting of the programs, tax dollars now remain in limbo that would have otherwise assisted addicts in the county according to Helgavold.

The cuts are not just limited to Wright County. The funding was cut statewide according to Helgavold. One bright light to the situation is that mental health as of now has not been affected.

The board hopes that the funding for the programs will return in the next state budget cycle.




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