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Winnebago County Board of Supervisors (LIVE) 

(Click the link above to go live to the Winnebago County Board of Supervisors meeting).

The Winnebago County Board of Supervisors will meet on Tuesday at 9am. The board will first hear from Winnebago County Engineer Scott Meinders concerning secondary road issues. He will discuss the current state of the roads and where repairs might be needed.

Meinders will ask the board to approve a bid from Sta-Bilt in the amount of $1,002,698.75 for microsurface paving of several roads within the county. The resolution allows Meinders to execute the contract when weather conditions allow. Meinders and the road department will notify the public when and where the work is to be done.

After hearing about drainage matters, the board is expected to approve a rural recycling contract with Scott Levine. The contract calls for one central drop off site in Thompson for all rural residents and will save the county taxpayers a significant amount of money.


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