Steve King Discusses the Carbon Pipelines Issue

The carbon sequestration pipelines planned for Iowa have raised concerns and fears for many residents. Others have gained short term benefits from signing over easements and properties for pipeline construction.

Former United States Congressman Steve King

Former U. S. Representative Steve King has taken up the fight against the carbon pipelines. He believes that “the wealthy global elite are attacking Iowa landowners’ property rights using eminent domain to build carbon capture pipelines across America’s richest soil.”

King made some strong points about how he feels the carbon pipelines are actually detrimental to Iowa agriculture despite the usage of Iowa corn in the production of ethanol from which carbon is a byproduct.

He cites how there are some very powerful influences who are pushing for the pipelines to be constructed and implemented. He also sees that this is just the beginning and more pipelines could be in the future.

King took a moment to sit down with KIOW/KHAM News Director A. J. Taylor to outline his position and why the Iowa taxpayer is, in his words, involved in the construction of the pipelines.

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