Belmond Klemme District Continues Teacher Contract Negotiations

The Belmond-Klemme Education Association is in negotiations with the Belmond Klemme Community School District. They are asking for a 4.36% increase in pay which would increase the base pay by $3,000. 

Along with the increases in pay, the association asked that several new advisor positions be added  to the extracurricular activities schedule. The elementary student council would get one new advisor. The robotics team would get two new advisors, one elementary coach and one junior/senior coach. 

Calendar changes were also requested by the association which include changing two in-service days to five days of early dismissal, full teacher in-service days would also become early dismissal dates and moving spring conferences away from post season basketball dates. 

The board’s counter offer did not contain an increase in benefits or pay. 

The two parties will continue to work toward an agreement in future meetings.


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