NIACC Pappajohn Center hires Ashley Page as Director of Entrepreneurship Programs and Client Success

The NIACC John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Center is proud to welcome Ashley Page as the Director of Entrepreneurship Programs and Client Success. Ashley will be responsible for providing leadership and strategic direction, program management, operations, and the execution for startup and early-stage engagement programs. As the main point of contact for programs and innovation, Ashley will take a key position in creating a connected entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Ashley comes to NIACC with 15+ years of business and industry experience. She earned an Associate’s degree in Accounting from NIACC, and a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from the University of Northern Iowa. Ashley worked as an accountant in the finance sector for over 5 years, and has owned her own businesses for over 15 years. With her background in banking and finance, bookkeeping, and tax accounting, Ashley is ready to give back to the community through entrepreneurship programs, education, and networking. Ashley will use her unique combination of skills, education, and hands on entrepreneurial experience to assist North Iowa businesses and entrepreneurs in achieving their visions for growth and expansion. She is passionate about creating a culture of success in North Iowa. Ashley lives in Mason City with her husband, Brock, and two children, Parker and Adilynn.

The NIACC John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Center is the expert in rural business innovation and success. In partnership with North Iowa’s Small Business Development Center, together we provide tools, support, and resources to Iowa’s entrepreneurs. We counsel both new and existing local businesses, from Main Street to industry leaders. We’re growing Iowa’s entrepreneurial culture through grade school initiatives, college and community programs, and business training and development. Contact the NIACC Pappajohn Center at 641-422-4111 or [email protected].

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