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Grassley Ahead of State of the Union Address: “President Biden’s Policies are Hurting Americans”

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) issued the following statement ahead of President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address.

“President Biden will use tonight’s address to paint a rosy portrait of the state of our nation under his leadership. But Iowans know the rhetoric doesn’t match reality.

“Nearly half of all Americans say their financial situation has declined since President Biden took office two years ago. And while Iowans struggle to keep up with rising prices brought on by sky-high inflation, President Biden and congressional Democrats continue to pursue a reckless and partisan spending agenda. Just yesterday, President Biden blew past a deadline to submit a budget to Congress after his policies added $5 trillion to our national debt in the past two years alone.

“At the same time, the Biden Administration’s open border policy has resulted in millions of illegal border crossings and allowed deadly drugs to flood our communities. Crime is on the rise in our streets and foreign adversaries have invaded their peaceful neighbors and our skies.

“The American people deserve better than to be sold a false bill of goods by their commander-in-chief. The fact of the matter is, our nation is hurting as a result of President Biden’s policy failures. It is past time for the Biden Administration to change course and move away from the fiscal insanity and partisan politics that dominate Washington.”


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