Belmond-Klemme Music Department Excelling in Several Categories

While high school athletic competitions are entering into playoff rounds shortly, music departments in the area are gearing up for their version of championships. Belmond-Klemme Community Schools have put a lot of emphasis into their programs, and it is beginning to show according to Belmond-Klemme Community Schools Superintendent Dan Frazier.

The task of getting a music program off the ground and turning it into a success involves a number of steps. Working with elementary and middle school programs, providing direction and individual instruction to students at all levels, maintaining interest and setting goals for each student. According to Frazier, Band Director Mike Stittsworth is accomplishing these tasks as are the students he leads.

Working with students at the high school level is always fun, but Stittsworth goes beyond that according to Frazier.

Since the students’ progress farther at the early levels of education, the ability to perform more intricate or difficult pieces for competition becomes easier for the students and highlights their elevated skills and capabilities. It also makes the transition to collegiate levels that much easier.





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