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Buffalo Center Residents Discuss Loss of their MercyOne Clinic

Buffalo Center Mayor Rick Hofbauer and select councilmen held a public meeting regarding the recent announcement of the future closure of the MercyOne Medical Clinic in Buffalo Center. Over 100 residents attended the meeting at the Heritage Town Center to express their opinion and hear more about the closure.

MercyOne stated that they have to close down the rural clinic because of monetary losses. The amount of loss was not disclosed. Hofbauer explained to the gathered crowd that the likelihood of MercyOne reconsidering staying is not good.

Hofbauer has been proactive since the announcement and began to look for a medical provider who could take the place of MercyOne. Jim Engel owns the building where MercyOne operates in Buffalo Center. He is working with the city on finding a replacement.

One of those possible replacements was WayPoint Medical of Clear Lake. Dr. John Brady, who is the CEO of the company, explained to the crowd that he would be willing to consult with the city on acquiring a new medical provider. The news was well received by the audience and the hosts of the meeting including Hofbauer.

Now the hard work begins for both the city and WayPoint Medical. Hofbauer explained that he thinks that all parties will begin to work on the solution quickly for the benefit of the Buffalo Center area residents. Hofbauer stated that the city council will do what it takes to get another medical provider into town.

Hofbauer, Brady, and Engel agreed that there was medical equipment in the facility that may end up staying in the building after MercyOne moves out which would benefit a new medical provider tenant. How much, if any, was still up in the air. Each agreed that there is a sufficient base of potential patients to warrant the need for a rural clinic.

Dr. Brady explained that services would still be available elsewhere, including at MercyOne in Forest City or Mason City.






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