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Guth Discusses the Proposed Carbon Pipeline

The hotbed issue of the construction and operation of a carbon pipeline in the area has many farmers and landowners upset and asking questions of their lawmakers as to why they would be in favor of it. Some believe that the construction of the pipeline would ruin farmland for many years to come and the remuneration for lost crops would never equal what they would earn if the land went untouched.

Others are upset that government and private businesses such as a pipeline company have more rights to landowners’ property then landowners do through the random use of eminent domain. They also ask these same lawmakers why they support and hold such actions over these land-owning voters.

State Senator Dennis Guth has made it clear he is not in favor of the pipeline or the use of eminent domain to take property from one family in order to placate the pipeline owners.

He witnessed a gathering at the capital in Des Moines in opposition to the use of eminent domain.

State Senator Dennis Guth

Guth has heard the pleas of concerned parents, local emergency medical personnel, educators, business owners and farmers about their fears of a leak or break in the pipeline which could permanently injure, harm, or even suffocate and kill people in the path of a CO2 gas cloud.

Guth and fellow legislators are listening to constituent voters who want action on the floor of the House and Senate in Des Moines. As a result, they are taking action.

These bills must clear subcommittees before going to full committees and eventually the floors of their respective chambers. Time is somewhat against them considering the Iowa Utilities Board, comprised of appointees by both pipeline investor and former Governor Terry Branstad and Governor Kim Reynolds who also supports the construction of the pipeline, will be ruling on whether the pipeline companies can be considered utilities and exercise eminent domain on property owners.






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