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Worth County Board Discusses Winnebago County EMS Services

The Worth County Board of Supervisors will have to make some decisions regarding how they will pay for Emergency Medical Services in some parts of their county. Residents who are close to the Winnebago County line benefit from services coming from either Lake Mills or Forest City.

A. J. Stone

Worth County District 1 Supervisor A. J. Stone explained to the board that the county will have to pay $40,000 to Winnebago County EMS services. These are for calls served in Worth County by Winnebago County EMS services.

Worth Supervisors were concerned about the coverage area, but Stone explained who and how everything would be handled.

Enos Loberg

Some confusion arose as to when this money would be budgeted. District 3 Supervisor Enos Loberg followed a line of reasoning for the request.

Loberg also pointed out that the county utilizes assistance from Mason City for ambulance services.

Stone also reminded the board that county residents are asking why they are having to receive ambulatory services from another county and residents in Winnebago County are asking why they are paying for ambulatory services to another county.

The board will look at these expenses as they continue the budgeting process for the next fiscal year.




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