Residents and Officials to Gather on Saturday over Pipeline Concerns

Concerned citizens and area political officials will be gathering at Duncan Hall in Duncan on Saturday morning beginning at 10am for discussions on the carbon pipeline construction in the area. The event is being organized by both the Republican and Democratic Central Committees. This rare cooperation between the two groups signifies the heightened concern among residents in the area with regard to the pipelines.

Political officials such as State Senator Dennis Guth have already come out against the pipeline while still others such as State Representative Henry Stone appear to be in favor of it.

Bud Germaland who is one of the organizers of the event, is against the pipeline.

Germaland stated that he has nothing against improving and protecting the environment. He points out that CO 2 can be used to make dry ice and other important products used by consumers including on-the-farm products.

Barb Miller near Armstrong is deeply concerned for her safety and that of others. The pipeline is planned to go through her property leaving she and her husband concerned for their lives. She has asked if the local emergency management is equipped to handle a possible pipeline break.

Miller has spoken with officials in her area and admits she is not comfortable with what she is hearing from the pipeline representatives.

Kaylee Langrell who represents Summit Carbon Solutions recently spoke with the Wright County Board of Supervisors on how the company intends to address the safety response issue and maintenance of the pipeline shut off valves.

The meeting on Saturday is free and open to the public.






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