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Hancock County Board to Consider Northland Natural Gas Pipeline Project

The Hancock County Board of Supervisors will consider the disallowance of homestead and military credit applications when they meet on Monday beginning at 9am in the Hancock County Courthouse. The board may take action to approve the disallowances or table for future considerations.

The supervisors will hear from Hancock County Drainage Clerk Ann Hinders who will ask them to approve the first pay estimate on a repair of an open ditch in Drainage District 174. The estimate is $57,936.68 and comes with the first change order on the project where costs exceeded estimates in the work that was done.

Hinders will also ask the board to reclassify the tiling project in Drainage District 66. The project needs new tile and must be dug a little deeper which would make it an improvement project. The board must first approve the reclassification before moving forward.

Tyler Conley of Bolton & Menk will discuss with the board about the need to bury new pipeline in Drainage District 1 & 2’s South Main ditch area. The issue involves setting a gas pipeline from Northern Natural Gas company where it would run along and possibly under the ditches. The board will get the complete details and a description of the work involved in the project from Conley.



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